‘Be Yourself, Better’ captures presenter/photographer/content creator CK Goldiing perfectly, and first appeared as his brand signature at the end of his exhilarating photoshoot video with personal trainer Barry Wood, August 2016. Uniquely charismatic, CK is a distinctive multi-discipline creative who continues to enjoy prestigious features across national & international media platforms – demonstrated most remarkably during his #100Musicians challenge, garnering multi press features; including Red BullCreative Boomnational radio & TV.


Originally a commercial radio DJ, CK broke into online TV presenting in 2013, and now fronts a number of independent music TV brands; An unmissable live events anchor, he regularly fronts large music festivals. Owing to the trust he has developed within the UK unsigned music community, he joined Music Hour UK as their Creative Consultant September 2016, assisting the development of their creative & educational content.

CK’s ability to effortlessly engage people and make them feel instantly comfortable soon found fresh creative territory in 2014, when after a fun wager he borrowed a friend’s pro camera to see if he could take a decent photo. The wager was ‘fun’, because CK is heavily short-sighted, having an eye condition not corrected by glasses. Two years, several brand collaborations and hundreds of commissions later, CK continues to be the first choice portrait photographer among gifted creatives – securing him continued high praise from industry and clients. CK’s unique perspective on traditional media was showcased further in November 2016 with the premiere of his emotionally-charged audible photography series, titled ‘Vitae’.

Enjoying occasional public-speaking invitations, CK was also a ‘talking head’ on Fox TV’s popular ‘Man-Up’ series. Never shying-away from tantalising projects, in March 2015, CK guest stared in the pulsating  music video by British synth-rock group Stop Drop Robot, and in December 2016, after appearing on a hugely popular YouTube series presented by US millionaire entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, CK produced a short film documenting the adventurous 72-hours leading-up to his appearance.

Committed to producing inspiring, motivating and entertaining online TV content, CK wishes you an epic day, and encourages you to be yourself, better!

Watch CK’s 2017 trailer below, or watch his shoots with: Ibiza DJ // Leading Personal Trainer // Singer-Songwriter // Award-Winning Beauty Brand  // Classical/Opera Duo // World Beatbox Finalist // Award-winning Marketing Agency //

[Bio written by Jon Covey]