Remember the very first time you were dumped? Please, I’m begging you, P L E A S E tell me it wasn’t over the telephone like this heartless (but undeniably charismatic) teen!!

One of my business clients is a lady called Wendy. Wendy lives in Sheffield, my home city. In 2016, Wendy commissioned me to take her professional portraits for her Linkedin profile, press materials & website. I later learned that Wendy’s daughter, Caitlan, is a bright young actress, who, believe it or not, got down to the FINAL TWO actresses to play the lead role in a Peter Jackson fantasy film, a film currently in production. When Caitlan’s agents insisted she update her headshots, Wendy emailed me, inviting me to undertake the shoot. Unfortunately, at the time, I was in London. Here’s the exact email exchange between Wendy and I the day she requested me for the commission:


[2 NOVEMBER 2016]

WENDY: Hey hun… Caitlan needs new headshots, how soon can you help?

ME: Hey, is she in London at any point this month?, that’s where I am.

WENDY: Hi – no plans to be in London this month, just a request from her agent as she has changed so much in the last few months – ma baby grown up! When you back in Sheff?

ME: I’ve got a corporate shoot Dec 5, so have to be back for that. Diary a shoot for that week?

WENDY: Her acting school are seeing if they can get something done earlier, if not, will let you know! Enjoy London x

ME: Her acting school can say whatever the hell they like, I’m not interested! I’m not having your beloved in the hands of some random photographer who sees her as ‘just another actress’ – she’s so much more than that, she’s mini Wendy, so tell them to shut their mouths, she’s waiting for CK!

WENDY: She’ll wait xx


ha ha ha ha ha, Wendy’s swift compliance STILL tickles me to this day, bless her!

A few weeks later, in Sheffield, Wendy, Caitlan and I had an absolute blast shooting in the bitter cold near Sheffield train station. At just 16, Caitlan oozes a cool charisma – a charisma that likely secured her the role of ‘Sophie’, a skateboarding heartbreaker in BBC’s BAFTA Award-winning children’s drama ‘The Dumping Ground’.

Watch Caitlan (& bask in her glorious Sheffield accent) on iPlayer, click HERE [ski[p to 06:30 minutes, 12:30 minutes & breaking poor Tyler’s heart at 17:58 minutes]

Finally, see below for a selection of shots from our shoot. Caitlan, I’m so proud of you. Wendy, I’m so happy you agreed that mouths needed to be shut xx