Join me for cocktails, entertainment & inspiration – I’m guest speaking at Mahiki, London, Saturday 11 – courtesy of the fine people from Inner Fire.

INNER FIRE is a unique series of live events, blending musical entertainment with education. Music performers, dancers, bands, singers, poets, inspirational speakers and role models, all come together to empower anyone and everyone. United on one night, under one roof and on one stage, Inner Fire promises to energise guests with enlightening and positive educational messages, delivered in the form of uplifting songs, empowering visual art and inspirational talks.

Sharing this month’s ‘Love & Relationships’ panel discussion with me are: certified relationship coach Olga Frankow, life coach Elsa Pastelle & Inner Fire producers Aleksandra Cichuta & Joanna Cichuta.

All discounted early bird tickets have gone, but use promo code ‘CK’ for 20% off standard tickets.

Thank you to event producers Joanna & Aleksandra for inviting me to say things – their uplifting lifestyle events are routinely “BOOM”.

Get your tickets here x