One of my least favourite displays of laziness are people who say, “the North is so much friendlier than the south!” In fact, so bored am I of hearing this readily accepted untruth, I now zealously challenge people who spew it forth.

I was born and raised in Sheffield, I’ve spent 30+ years there, yet, despite only recently spending more time in London, I see no visible difference in the manner people treat each other.

During the launch of a new Creative Network in London, one of the speakers (Bill) shared his remarkable story – which, in a nutshell, was a personal challenge he set himself to visit every single stadium to ever host an Olympics. This feat took him eight years, and spanned 28 stadiums. His story was incredible, and shared frightening similarities with my #100Musicians quest.

Once Bill shared his story, the Creators Club founder, Andy Dunn, invited all guests to reflect and ask questions. Before this point, I hadn’t felt any urge to announce myself to the room, but after Bill’s story, Christ, wild hippos couldn’t hold me back.

Thank you to Andy Dunn for creating such a refreshing, inspiring, unique environment – everyone was properly juiced up at the end, myself included, obviously.

Click above for my rant, then watch my #100Musicians story below: