How could phone-hacking possibly create the greatest ever episode of ‘CK Shot My Face’, any thoughts?

This is unmissable.

When best friends Katie & Sarah, two classical singers from London, invited me to shoot promotional images for their newly-formed Duet Diana, I was immediately seduced by the prospect.

It’s common knowledge that classical music is my FAVOURITE GENRE, so to hangout with two emerging stars on the London Classical music scene was quite a prospect. Little did I know what the two hustlers intended to do the second my back was turned.

Seemingly, Katie & Sarah did their research and discovered my fondness for a certain classical piece called ‘The Flower Duet’ by Lakmé, because early into our photoshoot, while I was busy doing other things, they grabbed my phone and filmed their own spine-chilling version of The Flower Duet – spontaneously, in the middle of Borough Market.

Just “WOW”.

Watch our day together above, and let me know if indeed, this is the best ever episode of ‘CK Shot My Face’ x

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