May I share a beautifully simple way of better pursuing your goal(s) with you? Right, okay, I’ll do that in 120 seconds, but first, a little background.

This Summer, I took a deep breath, stop internalising everything, and revealed my ambitions as a writer/producer/presenter. Click here to read.

Last week, for the first time since I started talking to TV production companies, I kept my camera rolling as I met Katie Cox, Head of Development at Zig Zag Productions, London. Why have I decided to do this? Well, the remarkable creative talents I’m proud to call friends are all in possession of ambitions and goals, too, so I figured if me documenting the highs and lows of my journey encourages just one of these icons to stick at theirs, frankly, I’m going to bed happier than when I go to fridge.

In the above video, featuring my second ever TV pitch, I share the biggest ‘networking’ lesson I’ve learned in recent months – a lesson that facilitated a meeting with Katie – who has worked/currently works on insanely popular British TV series’, including Take Me Out, TOWIE and more. I used inverted commas for ‘networking’ because I genuinely dislike the word – it always sounds so clinical, cold and icky, the precise opposite of my approach. I elaborate on my approach in the above video, so please watch and share your thoughts, experiences & tips on developing alliances. (admit it, ‘developing alliances’ sounds infinitely cuddlier/less nobby than ‘networking’)

Thank you for watching, subscribe to my YouTube channel to avoid missing future videos, and follow Vanessa Forero – the miracle human who wrote, produced & sang this video’s soundtrack – a perfect illustration of someone I’m proud to call my friend. Finally, my gratitude to Katie, Erin & Zenia is, of course, galactic.