In a recent interview, I revealed my commitment to writing/producing/presenting unique content that is rooted in the stories of ‘regular’ humans. Ultimately, my feelings towards celebrity culture & empty fridges are identical – they both piss me off.

Yesterday afternoon, amid a wave of exhilaration and joy, I commenced filming the pilot episode for a new series I’ve written – a London-based series which, like much of the recent content, is rooted in my fascination with strangers.

I look forward to revealing more about the project in the coming weeks, but for now, let’s focus on how elated I felt yesterday to, for the first time ever, have an actual filmmaker wielding a camera, capturing the content, bringing my vision to life.

Having finished writing the format in September, I fully intended to put-out an open call, via social media, inviting videographers/filmmakers to collaborate – knowing full well that my typical style of self-filmed mobile phone footage just wouldn’t cut the mustard on this series… it deserves so much more, needs so much more, and frankly, in the interests of developing professionally, I need to ‘up’ the production value on some of my content.

(don’t worry, a high percentage of my shit will ALWAYS be mobile phone-based, the non-intrusive benefits of mobile recording are galactic!)

So, seconds before posting my open call on social media, I remembered someone I met during #100Musicians – a gent called ‘Smallzy’. At the time I met Smallzy, he filmed live gig content for London Unsigned. Additional to live gigs, Smallzy is vastly skilled in many forms of videography, so I thought I’d email him the series format, see if he’d be open to being my main director/editor guy.

Openly telling Smallzy that the production has zero budget, I had to rely on my moderate skill at writing original formats that appeal to the very essence of human curiosity.

Not long after emailing Smallzy, I received a reply – saying something along the lines of, “fuck yeah, I’m in!”


External shooting // can’t remember where we were if I’m honest

External shooting // can’t remember where we were if I’m honest

Oh my god, for so long I’ve wanted to unshackle myself from the handcuffs of having to record everything I produce, I just wanna focus on the human interaction without having to dick about pressing record every two minutes. The highlight of working with Smallzy, however, extends way beyond him freeing me from the prison of filming, it’s his invaluable collaborative spirit, clever ideas and relaxed manner.

Smallzy shooting opening scene // Knightsbridge Cafe

Smallzy shooting opening scene // Knightsbridge Cafe

Alas, Smallzy isn’t without flaw. With regret, at the end of DAY 1 of filming, as we scuffed a sixty-piece KFC bucket, he outlined his ideas for when we resume filming in THREE WEEKS! Yes, THREE FU**ING weeks! You see, Smallzy is pissing-off to Dubai, leaving me to thumb-twiddle for 21 days. Don’t get me wrong, he made his holiday plans plain in his original ‘fuck yeah, I’m in!” email, but I refuse to see this as mitigation… the guy is still a nob – )

Watch the video above, a little peak behind-the-scenes, if you will. Safe traveling, big man!