In my recent appearance on Jon Covey’s online show, we explored the all-too common ways  people get in their own way – being the biggest obstacle in the pursuit of their own dreams. Our discussion was incredibly influential when I was invited to talk to Big Music Project this week, about (a) my creative exploits, and (b) my creative ambitions.

In this interview, I reveal, for the first time ever, why my brand motto is ‘Be Yourself, better’, and most critically, why I’m keen to find a TV agent. I didn’t feel overly at ease discussing this, but doing so made sense.

Click here for my interview, and thank you to James at Big Music Project for being such a pleasure to talk to.

Also, watch my talk with Jon Covey below…

… and finally, watch this obscenely inspiring video featuring the best sentence I’ve heard in MONTHS… “fear is the resistance to our desire. Once we remove the resistance, we become a magnet for our desire!”Gabby Bernstein on the Lewis Howes‘ School of Greatness. Watch below: