One of my favourite ever episodes of Columbo is ‘Columbo Goes to College’, so I can think of no better title for my guest talk to Sheffield College Media & Performing Arts students than ‘CK Goes To College’.

I was invited to share my story with the learners, with a view to sparking fresh creative ideas that would enable them to better showcase their work and access further professional projects.

Though my usual ‘audience’ is entertainment-based, be it music festivals, online TV etc, this was a refreshing opportunity for me to… well, stretch myself in a zone I’m not accustomed to. I had no idea what to expect, and at times, the learners did need a little encouragement to share their stories with me, but hey, I’m more than happy to keep nudging folk, and as time progressed, they opened-up more and more, to the point where they revealed a collective embarrassment about ‘putting themselves out there’. Seriously, with the exception of two of the twenty-odd learners, most told me they feel uncomfortable showcasing their work to anyone beyond their immediate circle of friends.

This really surprised me, I thought the upcoming generation were all about ‘me, me’. Seemingly not.

In my endeavour to make them feel empowered to get out there more, I revealed something I’ve never done in public before… and showed them the medical certificate I was given by my GP years ago outlining my woeful eyesight. The room went quiet. In a good way I hope.

In the above video, we see the brief moment before I left them in peace. More footage from the actual talk soon…

[Header image courtesy of PEXELS]