“I DON’T WANT TO PHOTOGRAPH YOU, FIND SOMEONE ELSE!” was my first thought when singer-songwriter Vanessa Forero proposed a green & leafy photoshoot.  I HATE green & leafy more than I hate liquorice!

Alas, I wasn’t able to utter those words, because Vanessa Forero is Vanessa Forero – a human I adore!

I first photographed Vanessa in 2015, since which, we’ve become chums – occasionally eating crepes & talking crap together.

As it turned out, I was wrong to doubt Vanessa’s vision for the shoot, because not only was it a day of high banter, unmanageable hair and delicious vitamin C, I loved the photos from the moment Vanessa was shoved into a hedge.

Vanessa Forero | by CK Goldiing | 004

Vanessa Forero is a Brighton-based singer/songwriter & composer. Having just released her debut EP, ‘From The Uproer’, Vanessa also writes/produces scores for film & TV. Also a published author, Vanessa’s debut novel, ‘The Girl With No Name’, is the mind-blowing true story of her mum, who, believe it or not, was raised in a Colombian rainforest by a family of Monkeys! Yes, it’s true, they’ve been featured on BBC, ITV & National Geo channel. Vanessa is currently writing the sequel… and picking twigs out of her majestic mane! Watch the behind-scenes film of our shoot above…