How the hell did the first installment of this feature get so many retweets & shares? Either people love discovering new UK music, or they simply enjoyed the bit about Joe Garvey’s guitar in poo.

So, here’s EDITION 2 of ‘CAM & GO’ – where I reveal the amazing things happening in the lives of the class singer-songwriters I’ve photographed.



As this feature is about emerging artists, we must discuss relevant stuff, so it brings me great pleasure to reveal that London-based Country artist Kaity Rae has… wait for it… this is A M A Z I N G… yes ladies and gentlemen… KAITY RAE HAS BEEN AWARDED A SHINY NEW… DRIVING LICENCE!!!!!

Oh. Okay.

(Look, it might not be a BRIT Award, but to active-gigger Kaity, this new found mobility is likely having her doing cartwheels – which frankly, is shitloads slower than driving!)

PHOTOSHOOT SECRET: A few days after shooting Kaity, I went along to support her EP launch. Her mum bounced over and bought me a a beer. Turns out she enjoyed watching the behind-scenes footage of Kaity’s shoot. While it was a lovely gesture and her mum was something of a star, she’s clearly easily impressed… so Kaity, if I were you, I’d give her a foot rub…. she’ll likely buy you a Porsche.


bernardo-photo-by-ck-goldiing-001There’s NO logical reason I’d open my 2016 showreel with anyone other than me, right? Wrong! The look on Bernardo’s face when she realised I was secretly recording her is textbook EPIC!  In the split second she realises I’m filming, the following thoughts CLEARLY flash across her face? “WTF!?”, “IS HE SOME SORT OF WEIRDO?”, “OOOH, CHECK OUT MY HAIR, BY THE WAY!”

So, my girl ‘B’ just released her new EP, ‘Tender’, and marked the occasion with her unmistakable lung-work in this lush Sofar Sounds live session. (I’m a little pissed she didn’t scowl at the cameraman, tbh. Damn hypocrite!)

PHOTOSHOOT SECRET: During a TV interview I did last year, the channel flashed some of my photos onscreen, starting with the above pic of B. I told the presenter, “believe it or not, Bernardo isn’t the world’s biggest fan of her own face.” bewildered, the presenter said, “REALLY?”, to which I replied, “I know, don’t worry, she’s just one of those idiot people.”



In Megan’s defence, at least she has the decency to admit her impression of me is crap in her hilarious video appraisal of our shoot! The number of reasons you should subscribe to Meg’s YouTube channel are vast, but for now, the primary one is… SHE MIGHT SPONTANEOUSLY BURP ON CAMERA! Here’s my favourite episode yet.

Proud to announce Megan launches her debut EP, ‘We Always Find a Way’, in London tomorrow (Saturday 24 September)… and frankly, I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t go. Firstly, it’s free, secondly, the girl can sing, and thirdly, shit… the girl can burp! Click here for gig details.

PHOTOSHOOT SECRET: The cover of Meg’s EP features an image from our shoot. To achieve the wind machine-effect, I got someone to stand next to her. Said person was holding a jar, which they swiftly opened. Inside the jar was one of Megan’s mighty burps!

================ FINALLY ================

As usual, I insist you follow all of the above artists, they’ll make you happy. To conclude, please note that no tiny woodland animals were harmed during the making of Megan’s burp.