Who have you met this week, no, this month, actually, sod it… WHO HAVE YOU MET THIS YEAR THAT SMILES AS MUCH AS LUCIE HICKEY??

lucie-hickey-by-ck-goldiing-0020Lucie is one of the niche group of humans who I’ve photographed twice, and “BOOM’ to that! Photoshoots aside, Lucie & I are also burger buds & hangout at the occasional open mic night. If you ever get a chance, ask Lucie to do her Fleetwood Mac cover, it pleases me no end.

So, having photographed Lucie in 2015 for her official press images, it was joyous to receive an email from Smiley Smilerson, August 2016, saying, “hey CK, I’ve just launched my BRAND NEW WEBSITE, so excited… and now, let’s update my official photographs!”


Here’s when one of my fav unsigned London musicians & I hit Victoria, London, for our second photoshoot… watch above.