There’s a real chance that by tomorrow, I’ll reflect on the name I’ve given this idea and ask myself, “WTF??”, but for now, I can’t be bothered to think of anything less crap.

So, ‘CAM & GO’ is basically a round-up of FIVE tirelessly creative, reassuringly talented and bloody great music humans I’ve photographed – profiling the latest cool stuff they’re up to.

Let’s crack on…



Imagine being an unsigned singer-songwriter, yet having the nerve to wake-up one day and say, “Right, I’m off to tour America & Canada. Laters!” Seriously, what I love most about Ben’s remarkable travel vlogs, is how open & honest he is about the colossal 30-day adventure. Immense! Watch PART 1 & PART 2.

PHOTOSHOOT SECRET: During our shoot, Ben mentioned his fondness for dead people. (Okay, he ACTUALLY said he likes James Dean, but technically the same thing)



Playing with fireworks isn’t a practice I condone, so mentioning Clara’s brand new music video, in which she does just that, is an alarming hypocrisy. However, as the song is such a foot-tapper, I’ll make allowances. Watch Clara’s cavalier approach towards personal safety here.

PHOTOSHOOT SECRET: After our shoot, Clara and I quizzed a complete stranger (who was sitting next to us in a coffee shop) about his pizza-eating preferences. Oddly, he didn’t call the police.



I regard Alexa as one of the funniest Tweeters I’ve ever photographed. I’ve mentioned this before, so no need to dwell on it here. Her amusing interweb bants aside, Alexa’s brand new music video is anything but a sitcom, nope; sobering lyrics, a moving melody and moody videography make for quite a watch. Bravo, Ms Mullins! Watch ‘Runaway’ here.

PHOTOSHOOT SECRET: After our shoot, Alexa and I recreated a scene from slasher movie ‘Scream’. Hollywood hasn’t called yet. Their loss. Losers.



Seriously though, what the hell is a hyperlapse video? Why does everything have to have such a fancy name? Can’t stuff just be hideously unimaginative like ‘CAM & GO’? Jesus! Joe’s latest music video is, apparently, called a hyperlapse video. Observe the fancypantsness here.

PHOTOSHOOT SECRET: Sorry Joe, but I have to tell people this, if it cramps your rockstar image, soz! Basically, during our shoot… Joe accidentally [and somewhat hilariously] plonked his guitar in dog crap.



In truth, I don’t know if she’s insane, but Emma has set herself a uniquely nuts challenge. She’s gonna write a record based on the stories random internet humans send to her!! Fair enough, just hope Joey Essex isn’t online this month. I’m curious to hear the end product, because as I discovered when we shot, Emma’s brain is bigger than earth! Ask her about her A-Level grades. Then ask her about her Degree. Then send her some fu**ing song ideas via email!! Watch Emma reveal her impressive ‘Somebody’s Story’ project here.

PHOTOSHOOT SECRET: Well, it’s not really a secret, ‘coz I mentioned it in one of my previous YouTube videos, but in case you missed it, on the day of our shoot… Emma was THREE HOURS late due to THE WORLD’S SHITTEST EXCUSE. In her defense, however, she made-up for it by buying me pizza, so I didn’t charge her ‘you’ve pissed me off’ fees.

================ FINALLY ================

Please check out/support all of the above artists, you see, I have this rule of only hanging-out & working with great humans. The very fact they’re in this rambling feature means (a) they’re not tools, and (b) they’re worthy of some sort of shiny badge thing. Go on, check out their stuff and let me know what you think on twitter, using the hashtag #CamAndGo.