Painful lessons learned from my first ever TV pitch, I grabbed the phone.

By the third ring, I wondered, “will he even remember who the hell ‘CK’ is?”

Fourth ring.


Fifth ring.


“Hey, is that Jasper?” I asked.

“Yes.” he replied with encouraging buoyancy.

“Hi Jasper, you and I met in May – when you kindly invited me to discuss a TV format I’d created… it’s CK!”

“OH, HELLO MATE, HOW ARE YOU?” he asked with sincerity in his voice.

Brilliant, I thought, at least he’s not making faux interference noises as if to suggest his imaginary car is navigating an imaginary tunnel.

“I’m really well, thank you. Have I interrupted anything?’

“No, just sending a few emails.” he offered.

Knowing the goal of this phone call was to ask if I could send Jasper [a Senior TV Producer] the BRAND NEW format I’ve created, I spent the next minute outlining the format’s background, careful not to actually reveal the idea itself… Jesus, at least give him reason to open my approaching email.

“I’ve discussed my idea with a handful of my most loyal corporate clients,” I conceded, “some of whom are willing to invest in it, but investment isn’t my focus, I’m more interested in accessing production and distribution – enabling me to share this adventure with as many humans as possible.”

“Absolutely, and that’s where we can help; with the distribution and production muscle.” he confirmed.

All was going well, he was listening intently and I’d made my intentions plain… I WANT TO EXECUTE THIS PROJECT WITH THE RESOURCES, CREATIVITY & EXPERTISE OF A TV PARTNER THAT SHARES MY VISION.

“So, Jasper, may I email you the treatment?”

[sorry to sound patronising if you already know this, but if you don’t, a ‘treatment’ is basically a document outlining the particulars of a creative idea]

“Course, send it over, I’ll take a look and discuss with my team during our next meeting.” he obliged.

‘Bloody hell, you don’t even know what it is yet’, I silently mused, immediately telling my inner voice to shut the fuck up and stop tainting this encouraging moment with negative BS.

“Wonderful, thank you.” I verbally opted for.

The conversation continued for a further two minutes, ending on an optimistic, “speak soon”.

So, here’s a question… what am I telling you this for?

Well, in the last few weeks, for reasons that still elude me, I’ve encountered people who TO THIS DAY, NINE BLOODY MONTHS LATER, remain keen to tell me they watched the entire #100Musicians journey. These are people I don’t know, but encounter while going about my day. Seriously, this isn’t fake modesty, but seemingly, I continue to underestimate how that #100Musicians thing connected with people.

With that in mind, I’d be remiss to not at least attempt something of even greater scale, endeavour and ‘wow’… something that, if I can, once again encourages, excites, inspires people, but more critically, encourages, excites and inspires me. Understand, I’m not a performing monkey, I’m not here to entertain and move people per se, everything I do I do to entertain and move myself, grow myself, better myself. If, along the way, others feel the same emotional response I do, then do we all agree I have the best ‘job’ in the world?

Yes, thought so : )

As seen in my latest YouTube video and recent radio interview, exploring ‘strangers’ is my new thing, and as of 15:39 today, the biggest idea I’ve ever conceived sits in the inbox of the Senior Development Producer of an international TV network.

Wonder if he’s read it yet.

Wonder what he thinks.

Wonder why I’m typing this drivel and not eating these plump cheese puffs next to me.

– Goldiing.