Ever approached STRANGERS in a pub just for the hell of it?

In recent videos, you’ve seen my addiction to talking to strangers. This video, however, is particularly extraordinary.

Sitting in a Notting Hill pub one beautiful afternoon, I overheard a group of blokes chatting enthusiastically. It was difficult to fully glean anything from the conversation, but the snippets I caught were compelling enough for me to summon-up a helping of ‘balls’, and go over to say “hi”.

As it turned out, two of the chaps were actors – having shared the screen with Julia Robert, Helen Mirren, Hugh Grant, Dame Judi Dench and had long stints on popular TV shows [as extras] including Eastenders, Casualty and The Bill.

Three hours after my initial “hello”, we’re all enjoying a curry, discussing our dream dinner guests and having a real hoot! Well, everyone except Mike had fun, anyway…