If you could ask ONE question to an expert of the human mind, what would it me?

This is a question I asked 3 strangers, ahead of meeting/photographing subconscious surgeon Adrian Taffinder.

Adrian brings over 20 years of study and a wealth of knowledge in human behaviour and mindset, providing clients and audiences alike, with the latest cutting edge strategies and techniques from the human potential field.

A successful entrepreneur and visionary with his own rich tapestry of life experiences, Adrian works with businesses and individuals around the world; educating minds on the mental foundations of success, inspiring self-belief and empowering learning and growth through actionable strategies to create breakthrough results.

Otherwise known as the “Sub-conscious Surgeon”, Adrian is passionate about helping others shift emotional blocks sabotaging their success. His unique technique literally rewires and reprogrammes the brain deleting old dysfunctional thought patterns and replacing with new habits that facilitate a more healthy, fulfilling and prosperous future.