Today, July 7 2016, marks exactly one-year since I launched #100Musicians – the colossal life-changing adventure that taught me so much about humans.

To mark this special day, and for the first time ever, I reveal unseen/unheard content from the mega challenge, which I started July 7 2015 and completed six-months later, January 2 2016.

So, what’s this previously unreleased content?

New Video Footage:

Above, watch unseen footage from my national radio interview,  recorded during the climax of the challenge. In this new video, I reveal the identity of musicians 100 to the world, PLUS, for the first time ever, all 100 musicians are shown at the end of the vid!

New Audio Tapes:

Below, listen to unreleased audio recordings, which, until today, no one on earth even knew existed. I never told a soul I was recording audio diaries because… well, just because. During the six-month marathon, I regularly documented my emotions & incidents via my mobile’s recording app, and for the first time, I release two of the juiciest & naughtiest.

Recording 1 // ‘Drug Dealer’ // while asking a man for directions in Bethnal Green, he seized his opportunity to offer me Class A drugs.

Recording 2 // ‘Gay Fella’ // a gay gentleman approached me in a bar one evening, and proceeded to tell me, in EXPLICIT DETAIL, what he wanted to do to me.

CAUTION: the language in the below recordings is very strong and may cause offense to anyone who is easily offended. I strongly advise against listening if you are such a human. If not, listen below…

Thank you to everyone who helped, watched and encouraged me during the challenge, I can’t believe it’s one year since I started, but my god, am I so happy I started x