In a very special edition of ‘CK Shot My Face’, I spend an afternoon with Meriliis Rinne – an Estonian-born artist living in London. Having exhibited internationally: Tallinn, Copenhagen, Oslo & London, Meriliis, or ‘Meru’ to friends, wished to gift North London [home to her lush studio] with a beautifully delicate installation titled, The Bubble Tree’.

She says, ‘I’ve always admired the perfect shape of bubbles, balls and circles – they’re like molecules; connecting to make a bigger system. I believe as individuals, we can make a difference by coming together and creating something, just as the bubbles have in Bubble Tree.’

Meru strives to support and inspire others across the arts, illustrated most notably during her moving TEDx talk, in which, she shares the story behind her now famous motto, ‘nothing is more powerful than people doing what they love.’

Recorded two days after my previous chat with Meru, watch the birth of the beautiful Bubble Tree above.

[Video soundtrack: ‘I’ll Be Wrong Again’ by Vanessa Forero // taken from her EP ‘From The Uproar // stream & download here //