For me, talking to strangers has become more than just a fun thing to do, it’s become a lifestyle choice I constantly try to further embed into my DNA. I’m getting there slowly. Thanks to a recent boredom-induced internet search, I stumbled across Meriliis Rinne – an Estonian-born artist now living & creating in London.

Additional to being an internationally-exhibited artist [Tallinn, Copenhagen, Oslo & London], Meru’s work has been purchased by private investors across Europe/America, plus, she has also delivered her own TEDx talk.

There are many reasons I was keen to hangout with Meru, but the main one was to find out more about her motto – a motto many international media platforms quote when showcasing her work…

“Nothing is more powerful that talented people doing what they love.” – Meriliis Rinne.

Featuring Meru’s inspiring views on why we should all pursue our passions regardless of challenges and obstacles, watch our chat/studio tour above.

[Video soundtrack: ‘Anhela’ by Vanessa Forero // taken from her EP ‘From The Uproar // stream & download here //