It’s a little presumptuous of me to call someone I’ve never met ‘Di’, especially when her name is clearly ‘Diane’, but ‘Diane’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘Why’, nor does it rhyme with ‘Buy’ – so if you think I’m being sickeningly familiar, you can all just go ‘die’.

Diane Birch is a native New Yorker – who I discovered randomly online three or so years ago. None of this is important, however, what is important, is as I neared the end of my colossal six-month long challenge last year, I decided to post a “yippee… I’m nearly finished!!” video…. and frankly, there was only ONE human voice I knew would suitably convey the sense of heartfelt emotion I was experiencing at the time.

One of those refreshingly independent artists I so admire, Diane’s new EP, ‘NOUS’, was always gonna receive my pennies, even if it was shit. As it happens, it’s as chillingly delicate as ever – closing track ‘Woman’ being a piece of music I can define only as ‘the kind of song a ballet-dancing butterfly would make if it could play the piano. Or do ballet’.

Truly breathtaking, Di!