In a recent Instagram post, I mentioned how two of my female friends are commendably open when it comes to the deeply personal stuff they post on their respective websites. Well, I wanna try it! Worry not, I’m not about to become the guy who tells you how my weirdly-coloured chest hair occasionally catches my eye in the mirror forcing me to think, “what the fuck is that?”, but I will use this opportunity to say a few things.

Today marks exactly five months since I returned home after that thing I did in London, and in the intervening time, a few things have happened that gave me real pause. Last Saturday, for example, I went to watch my friend, Paul Fletcher, perform at the O2 Academy. As I walked home, I stopped to get some chips (from Devonshire Chippy, obviously). As I awaited service, getting mildly aroused by the flour-encased pig balls (battered sausage), the girl ahead of me in the queue turned, caught my eye, and said, “CK?” Now, my big brother has told me many times that when people I don’t know approach me in the street, I’m shit at pretending to know who they are, so I summoned my best ‘poker face’ and said, “hey… yeh!”

[bro would be proud]

She was called Clare, and along with her boyfriend, Scott, who was standing beside her (equally ready to violate his body with scrumptious ‘death food’) I was told how they both discovered #100Musicians via facebook, and watched “all of it” as I progressed through the unrelenting peaks and valleys of the challenge.

I’m so thankful I’m not the type of nobhead to start believing their own hype, because if I was, since completing the challenge, the handful of times strangers have approached me while I’m out and about, telling me they watched “pretty much all the videos”, would entice me into strutting about town, legs astride, willy in hand, barking, “hey, I’m CK, I’m back… come and enjoy me!”. In actual fact, every time I’m told how much someone enjoyed the journey, sure, there’s a chunky part of me that feels grateful/humble/surprised, but there’s a bigger part of me that thinks, “Christ, was there nothing better on TV, though?”

Last night, I received a message on Twitter from one of the ‘100’. Amid our chatter, he asked about my future plans. In my trademark hate-being-asked-about-me manner, I swatted the question away with some ‘there’s stuff in the pipeline’ side-step, assuming the looming music vid I’ve been asked to be in wouldn’t interest anyone. Alas, my vagueness served only to heighten his curiosity, “WHAT’S IN THE PIPELINE?”

Jesus, do people really care? This isn’t faux modesty, but if I’m honest, I really only embarked on #100Musicians because I was mildly bored at the time, but seemingly, as a direct consequence of doing it, I now have new friends who care about what I’m up to and stuff. Well, thank you.

So, as I sit here, listening to The Jezabels, perving over a nearby Bounty Bar (see header image), and developing format ideas, I promise you… project 2 will suitably challenge, unnerve and scare me, just as ‘100’ did. Yes, you guessed it… I’m gonna buy another battered sausage.

– Goldiing x