If you’re lucky, you’ll meet someone on Twitter who becomes a friend. During the course of my media travels, it’s happened countless times. Lucky boy! In this instance, it’s radio DJ, music manager, singer & peanut demolisher, Loretta Andrews.

After the most random of twitter retweets during my #100Musicians adventure, I thanked Loretta, made a joke about photographing one of her artists, and discovered she doesn’t do jokes… because within a few weeks, I’d photographed all three of her artists. A few weeks after that, she asked if I’d photograph her. After that, her twin sister Tash (professional vocal coach) asked me to get my lens out.

I can’t thank Loretta enough for her unflinching support during #100Musicians. Thanks to the countless nights I spent on her sofa, I was able to get through the most challenging/remarkable six months of my life.

Thanks, my love x