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To celebrate the quite remarkable new EP from Amy Gillespie (artist 100 of my #100Musicians adventure) I’d like to share (a) the above image with you – which, until now, has waited patiently on Amy’s laptop, ready to be the official release image, and (b) the below video, which, until now, has been sitting on my Mac, ready for an appropriate time to reveal its hilarity. That time is now!

Shooting Amy was beyond rewarding, not least because being photographed sits at the bottom of her ‘My Fav Things To Do’ list. We discuss this fact in the below video, so pay attention.

Having just released her debut EP. ‘Seventh Wave’, I can’t tell you how proud I am to have concluded my adventure with such a talent. Seriously, the manner in which the 5-track release takes you somewhere ‘before’ where we are now, is quite breathtaking. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it, love it, buy it. I downloaded my copy three-minutes ago.

Watch us (and a random stranger) below x

Click HERE to stream/buy Amy’s stunning debut EP ‘Seventh Wave’.